Hi I’m Tracy and welcome to A New Way to Walk! If you want to know more about who I am I recommend you start with my first post and then read on!

Dream BIG Dreams

Here’s what I hope to do with this blog. I hope that through my story and others I can connect, inspire, and share with people who are struggling with disease and illness to take control of their health and for those who aren’t yet on the battlefield hopefully I can rouse them to take action now before their cup runneth over. When I was diagnosed with MS I thought that all power was taken from me. I was told that all I can do is take this medicine and hope it works. But as I began to learn about my body I discovered there was much I can do to help it out. I’ve met many others since with similar experiences and I want to capture those here not only to encourage and motivate me but to rally you to action as well. It was a blog that began my education into healthy living. So I want to use this same medium to reach out to those who were just like me – too sick and tired to leave the house.

I’ve always been a person who dreams BIG so I’m going to lay it all out for you. If God wills it these are the things I want to see happen with this blog. First I’m praying someone with an artistic eye can help me make the site look more attractive. Next I’m hoping someone more techy than me will come along and teach me how to load video and podcasts – I like visuals and some people learn best through audio.  I’d like to have a section for local happenings as I am currently involved with a lifestyle center here in my town. I’d like to find someone to help me write content  – someone who is just as passionate about spread the good health gospel as I am. I’d like to find someone who likes to do research – books, recipes, natural products, environmental impact, etc – someone who can help me connect the dots between the food we eat, the exercise we do, the relationships we have within our community, the products we buy, the businesses we support, the environmental practices we adopt, the attitudes we have, and how it all effects our overall wellness and our relationship with God.

Eventually I want to take it on the road. I have a dream to someday own a RV or a 5th wheel that is remodeled into a traveling wellness center equipped with a demonstration kitchen, a hydrotherapy room, a place to store my garden tools, and someplace for us to sleep would be good too. I want to travel to those people who need a little extra help rehabilitating their life and don’t have access to a lifestyle center in their area. I can bring wellness on wheels to their door! Then someday I hope to take it a step further and open a Healing Hostel where people can get away from their everyday lives and come to spend a week learning from scratch how to take care of themselves. I would have loved to have had such a place when I was making all these changes in my life.

So there you have it! These are my goals but only the Lord knows the plans He has for me and who knows where this road may lead me! I hope you stick around to find out 🙂


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